Sometimes, whether you might be offered a job or not depends on the information revealed in your criminal background check results. When applying for a job, you might be subjected to a screening of your background records. In some jobs, such screening for a criminal background can be mandatory, and for the national security related jobs, it might be enforced by law.

Criminal background check simply is a process of compiling any individual's records to evaluate his employment and behavioral history. Suppose, if some person had encountered some legal issues in his past job, it can reflect in his criminal background records. This helps an employer to verify whether that person can be appropriate for a job or not. Background checks come in handy for positions that require high security or trust. Some of such positions can be in a daycare, school, hospital, financial institution, airport, security companies, or even the government.

So why are criminal background checks performed? They are performed to check whether the person you are interested in, for any purpose, has any criminal history. In a job market, criminal background checks are often used by employers to evaluate a candidate's qualifications, characters, fitness, and to identify potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons. Performing such criminal records checks ensures safety for the whole company and also to other employees in the company. That helps to prevent possible problems in the workplace.

Criminal background check results may contain financial records like credit scores, liens, civil judgment, property ownership, bankruptcy, and tax information; employment records like verbal confirmation of past employment, performance, accomplishments, and relationships with other employees; education records like the academic levels they have graduated from; and other records like litigation, drug tests, licensing information, medical records, mental records, military records, and psychological evaluations. Besides, criminal background check may also contain the criminal records of that individual, which includes records of events like arrests, incarceration, and offends.

It can be a mistake to judge any person just based on his face. Faces can be deceiving. It is, therefore, important to run a criminal background check on any person before he is hired into the work place. People with past criminal records have higher chances of conducting such crimes again. To avoid it, it is better to run a criminal background check on that person, and become assured that he is not a possible threat to the organization.