We have some useful resources for people who are trying to figure out a method to perform reverse phone or cell phone lookup. Even though many vendors claim to provide free reverse phone lookup services, there is not any legitimate website that offers a reverse phone lookup service for free. The users, who are willing to perform a reverse lookup, therefore, may have to pay a small fee to obtain detailed information on the owner of the phone number.

Getting calls from unknown numbers can be frustrating sometimes. You get a call, then ignore it because you are not sure who it is from, and then you keep wondering who might the person behind the call is. If this has ever happened to you, reverse phone lookup service is for you. In reverse phone lookup service, you enter the phone number and baaaam, there is everything you need - the owner's name, address, names of the relatives and other information.

Let us move to how you can perform a reverse phone lookup online. There are many website that provide you with this service. If it is just about identifying the location of the phone owner, you can use the form in our home page, where you can enter the phone number and we will retrieve phone type and location of the phone number for you. If you are looking for something more, like the name of the owner and other information, below are some of the services that we would like to recommend.

Using a Directory Assistance
Most cellular network providers have their own directory assistance operators. Such operators actually provide a phone number of any person or services, but such operators can also perform a reverse lookup to retrieve owner's information based on the cell phone number provided. Directory assistance service might not be free, so confirm the amount you might be charged by the service provider before actually using the service.

Perform a Web Search
This might be a very simple solution to finding the owner of the phone number if the owner is some agency or business. Most of the businesses are listed on the web, so if you search for results based on the phone number, it can bring up the name of the business or company it belongs to. That way, you will be able to identify the agency behind the number from which you just received a call.